[l2h] How to put information in the top (index) page ?

Nicolas Anquetil Nicolas Anquetil <nicolas@cos.ufrj.br>
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 17:32:22 -0200 (EDT)


I have a a document composed of several chapters.  I compile it with:
    $MAX_SPLIT_DEPTH = -1;    # Stop making separate files at this depth
which create an independant web page for each chapter and a top page
with the title of the document and an index of all chapters.

I would like to put a bit more information in the web page, for example:
- put a small paragraph before the "index" or after it
- put a date or a short sentence after each link to a chapter (on the
  same line)

Is it possible ?  If so, how can I do ?

thanks in advance


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