[l2h] per-image color depth control

Gordon Kindlmann Gordon Kindlmann <gk@cs.utah.edu>
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 09:17:59 -0600


I'm happily using a recent version (98.1p7) to convert my research
papers (versions 99.1 and 99.1beta both got into an infinite loop on
the \author command).  Nearly all of my figures are simple EPS raster
images, some are gray, some are color. I want my color figures to be
converted into 24-bit images since they are high-resolution
renderings, so I've setup pstoimg to generate PNG images.  Gray-level
figures should be 8-bit images.

I believe I've looked through the list archive for this answer but
have not found it: How can I control the color depth pstoimg uses on a
per-image basis?  I started by hacking the main latex2html script so
that the $color_depth variable in extract_image was global instead of
local, which allowed an "\HTMLset{color_depth}{-depth 24 }" to change
its value.  Though this worked somewhat, I still haven't figured out
proper per-image depth control.

Surely there is a cleaner way to specify in the latex source file
to control whether a given figure is to be converted to an 8-bit
versus 24-bit PNG?  It would be even nicer if the 8-bit images
could be GIFs, and the 24-bit images PNGs, is that out of the 

Thanks for any help,