[l2h] UNICODE??

Avinash Chopde Avinash Chopde <avinash@acm.org>
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 16:17:46 -0400

François Patte wrote:
> I'm interested in producing html pages with sanskrit transliteration (I
> need a macron, t underdot, n overdot, etc.) I have seen that there is a
> "/usr/lib/latex2html/versions/unicode.pl" file with my latex2html
> installation and I would like to know how to use it and how to have
> netscape able to read unicode characters. Up to now I just get a
> question mark if I type "&#257;" (small a, macron accent) in a html
> file.

I don't have a good answer (but if you do find good solution, let me know!),
but if you're willing to use a custom font (which basically means a
font that advertises itself as a ISO-LATIN1 font, but has totally different
glyphs at 128-255 characer codes), there is a solution - and I understand
that some browsers allow downloadable fonts.

The most popular Romanized Sanskrit font are fonts in the Classical
Sanskrit Extended (CS/CSX) encoding, fonts like CSUtopia, Washington
Roman Indic (WNRIX, etc). These have all the required diacritics needed
for Sanskrit. You can find these fonts if you do a Web  search,
or you can get them from my font archive, available at the ITRANS link
at my web  page.

[Of course, these fonts have nothing to do with LaTeX or latex2html...]

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