[biblio] bst, format.name$, initials and tie (~)

Matteo Gamboz gamboz at medialab.sissa.it
Sat Jul 4 08:39:21 CEST 2020

On 7/4/20 12:42 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Matteo,
>     If was expecting "A.~B.~C.~D" (with the ~ everywhere), but if the
>     current behavior is the expected one, I humbly ask the rationale :)
> Oren says the rationale is simply that line breaks have to be allowed
> somewhere within long names. Even abbreviations of them can get long.

that makes sense :)

> To get ties between all parts, I think ~~ in the bst file is the answer
> (I can't say I've tried it). See page 9 of btxhak.pdf, or fragment of
> btxhak.tex copied below ... --best, karl.
> -- from btxhak.tex --
> Within each piece [of the format string given to format.name$]
> a double letter tells \BibTeX\ to use whole tokens, and
> a single letter, to abbreviate them (these letters must be at brace-level~1);
> everything else within the piece is used verbatim
> (well, almost everything---read on).
> The tie at the end of the von part (in \hbox{\verb|{vv~}|})
> is a discretionary tie---\BibTeX\ will output a tie at that point
> if it thinks there's a need for one;
> otherwise it will output a space.
> If you really, really, want a tie there,
> regardless of what \BibTeX\ thinks, use two of them
> (only one will be output); that is, use \hbox{\verb|{vv~~}|}.

thanks you!

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