[accessibility] Designating header cells in tables

Ulrike Fischer fischer at troubleshooting-tex.de
Fri Apr 1 22:23:33 CEST 2022

> I’ve searched for this on the Web and in the Lwarp package
> documentation (which is the HTML conversion tool that I’m using for
> a project), but I haven’t been able to find an answer so far. Also,
> I may have asked about this before – apologies for the duplication if so.

> Is there a generally accepted LaTeX convention for specifying which
> cells in a table are header cells (e.g., in tabular, tabularx, tabulary, etc., environments)?

No. The only package I'm aware of that has the idea of a "header" is

When booktabs is used you can also often assume that the header is
between \toprule and the first midrule.

> The problem is that (at least with the Lwarp package), all of the
> cells, whether header or body, are transformed into HTML TD
> elements.

> Is there a better solution?

Ask the Lwarp author what he can support here. It shouldn't be
difficult to switch the row type after some trigger command.

Ulrike Fischer

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