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Title page   
Editorial information   
General Delivery
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    R.I.P. Sebastian Rahtz, 1955–2016;     George Greenwade, 1956–2003;     Peter Breitenlohner, 1940–2015;     biblatex— Request for feedback;     LaTeX courses for credit;     Cooper Type;     More typography videos
Peter Breitenlohner, 1940–2015 
  Joachim Lammarsch, Marion Lammarsch 
The continuing TUG membership drive 
  Boris Veytsman 
ATypI 2016 with GUST participating 
  Jerzy Ludwichowski 
The Board's suspension of the President 
  Jonathan Fine 
The libertine gets mathematical 
  Khaled Hosny      [Intermediate — new OpenType font family Libertinus, including math, based on Linux Libertine]
LaTeX news, issue 24, January 2016 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Intermediate — LuaTeX support; Unicode data and support; East European accents; Changes in Tools and Graphics]
LaTeX news, issue 25, March 2016 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Intermediate — LuaTeX; Documentation checksums; Updates to inputenc; Updates in Tools; amsmath; Related updates]
On managing large documents 
  Thomas Thurnherr      [Introductory — advice on managing labels, drafts, splitting sources, and more]
medstarbeamer: A new beamer class 
  Anagha Kumar      [Intermediate — on creating on a new beamer class, with special attention to colors]
Glisterings: Assemblies; Table talk 
  Peter Wilson 
         Adding to a macro; Piecing a paragraph; Splitting a column
Electronic Documents
Randomising assignments with SageTeX 
  Sabri Al-Safi      [Intermediate Plus — individualized assignments and corresponding answers via SageTeX]
Indexing: Goals, strategies and tactics 
  Ron Fehd      [Intermediate — index production approaches, hints, and theories]
Software & Tools
TeXShop review 
  Frans Absil      [Introductory — introduction to this MacOSX TeX editor]
TeXworks: A simple GUI with advanced options 
  Sytse Knypstra      [Introductory — overview of this cross-platform TeX editor emphasizing simplicity]
TeXstudio: Especially for LaTeX newbies 
  Siep Kroonenberg      [Introductory — overview of this cross-platform dedicated TeX editor]
10 years of TeX Live in Debian 
  Norbert Preining      [Intermediate — history of TeX and TeX Live packaging in Debian]
Paragraph designer with galley approach 
  Oleg Parashchenko      [Intermediate Plus — controlling paragraph styles and space above and below via a Python script]
LuaTeX 0.90 backend changes for PDF and more 
  Hans Hagen      [Intermediate Plus — renaming, removing, reorganizing many \pdf... primitives]
Still expanding LuaTeX: Possibly useful extensions 
  Hans Hagen      [Advanced — new features related to rules, spaces, tokens, list packing, error handling]
MetaPost arrowhead variants 
  Alan Braslau, Hans Hagen      [Intermediate — adding ahvariant and ahdimple for other arrowhead styles]
Hyphenation languages in LuaTeX 0.90 
  Hans Hagen      [Advanced — generalizing TeX82 hyphenation discretionaries, \lccode, etc.]
A personal book catalogue: bookdb 
  Peter Wilson      [Intermediate — creating a custom BibTeX style for book collections and more]
OPmac-bib: Citations using *.bib files with no external program 
  Petr Olšák      [Intermediate — producing bibliographies using TeX macros and nothing else]
Exploring \romannumeral and expansion 
  Joseph Wright      [Advanced — controlled expansion with \romannumeral]
The apnum package: Arbitrary precision numbers implemented in TeX macros 
  Petr Olšák      [Advanced — expression parsing, basic arithmetic, and many functions in generic TeX]
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, October 2015–March 2016]
Book Reviews
LaTeX for Administrative Work by Nicola Talbot 
  Boris Veytsman      [Reports and notices — review of this extensive exposition of LaTeX packages for many tasks]
         See the TUG books page for all book reviews and discounts.
Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur LaTeX … by Vincent Lozano 
  Charles Thomas      [Reports and notices — review of this introductory and intermediate book in French]
Giambattista Bodoni: His Life and His World by Valerie Lester 
  Boris Veytsman      [Reports and notices — review of this general-audience book on Bodoni's life and context]
Note on the publisher of the Bodoni book: David R. Godine 
  David Walden      [Reports and notices — short profile of this unusual publisher of fine books]
Production Notes
Production notes 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — font support from Bob Tennent and Michael Sharpe, and the online font catalogue]
Die TeXnische Komödie: Contents of issue 1/2016   98 
MAPS: Contents of issue 46 (2015)   99 
Eutypon: Contents of issue 34–35 (October 2015)   99-100 
TUG Business
Institutional members   100 
TUG financial statements for 2015 
  Klaus Höppner 
TeX consulting and production services   102 
Calendar   103 
CTAN   104 

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