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TUGboat 18:3, September 1997

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TUG 1997 Proceedings (San Francisco, California)

Complete issue 18:3 as one pdf (2mb) 
Front cover   c1 
Blue Sky Research   c3 
Call for Papers   146 
Opening Address
Opening Words by the President 
  Mimi Jett 
News & Announcements
Production notes 
  Mimi Burbank 
TUG'97 program   149-150 
Pictures and TeX
Very high level 2-dimensional graphics with TeX and Xy-pic 
  Kristoffer Høgsbro Rose 
High quality labels on included graphics, using Xy-pic 
  Ross Moore 
CIRC — A Package to Typeset Block Schematics 
  Sebastian Tannert 
TeX and Scientific Publishing on the Internet
DVIPDF and Graphics 
  Sergey Lesenko 
From SGML to HTML with help from TeX 
  Christopher B. Hamlin 
Publishing and TeX
Custom legal documents for the IBM AutoLoan Exchange 
  Douglas Lovell 
Breaking equations 
  Michael Downes 
LaTeX—state of the art
The LaTeX3 Project 
  Frank Mittelbach, Chris Rowley 
Multilingual Typography Without Boundaries
Language information in structured documents: A model for mark-up and rendering 
  Frank Mittelbach, Chris Rowley 
New font tools for TeX 
  Werner Lemberg 
The CJK package: Multilingual support beyond Babel 
  Werner Lemberg 
News & Announcements
Calendar   225 
TUG Business
TUG'97 list of attendees   226-228 
Institutional members   229 
TUG membership form   230 
TeX consulting and production services   231 
Y&Y Inc.   232 

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