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TUGboat 18:1, March 1997

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Front cover   c1 
Inside front cover   c2 
Title page   1 
Editorial information   2 
Addresses   3 
Notice regarding 1997 TeX Users Group election   4 
General Delivery
From the President 
  Michel Goossens 
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton 
    Update to PSTricks;     Quote out of context— Colophon
Erratum: Amsterdam, 13 March 1996 — Knuth meets NTG members, TUGboat 17(4), pp. 342–355   6 
NTS & ε-TeX: A status report 
  Philip Taylor 
Software & Tools
A GNU Emacs editing mode for Metafont and MetaPost sources 
  Ulrik Vieth 
The Traditional Arabic Typecase, Unicode, TeX and Metafont 
  Yannis Haralambous 
A Medieval Icelandic manuscript: The making of a diplomatic edition 
  Andrea de Leeuw van Weenen 
Book Reviews
Writing with TeX, and TeX & LaTeX: Drawing & Literate Programming, by Eitan M. Gurari 
  Michael D. Sofka 
Tutorial / Surveys
Typesetting mathematics for science and technology according to ISO31/XI 
  Claudio Beccari 
A LaTeX Tour, part 3: mfnfss, psnfss and babel 
  David Carlisle 
Late-Breaking News
Production notes 
  Mimi Burbank 
Future issues   57 
Index of advertisers   57 
Late-Breaking News
TUG'97 Update   58 
TUG Business
New members of the TUG Board   59-60 
Institutional members   61 
TUG membership application   62 
TeX consulting and production services   63 

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