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Extended translation of the the 5th edition


the 7th edition, total of 960 colored pages


2nd edition, 212 pages, includes 32 color pages










3D without pst-3d |  Bars as linestyle |  Bezier-Curves |  How a path is build |  Curves |  Curves around Nodes |  Different Width |  Digital Signals |  Dotted and Dashed |  Double lines |  Erathostenes |  Path |  Filled polygons |  Intersection Points |  Filled bezier curves |  Filled lines |  Knots |  Line ends |  Lineedge |  Line Ends |  Michelson experiment |  Polygons |  \pscustom and psbezier |  Sieve of Erathostenes |  Variable line width |  Vectors | 

Curves Special line ends Intersection Point
line6.png line6.png intersec0.png

The packages pst-circ and pst-3dplot have a macro \ABinterCD, which sets a node at the intersection point of the linear functions which are build through the points A-B and C-D. The coordinates can be drawn easily with the \SpecialCoor feature. This allows to take from nodes/points only one coordinate. For example \psdot(A|B) sets a dot at the point with the x coordinate of A and the y coordinate of B. If we have the intersection point of two linear functions and called E, then we can draw the coordinate lines with
It is from the point on the x axis (x coordinate from E, y coordinate from (0,0)) to E itself and then to the point of the y axis (x coordinate from (0,0) and y coordinate from E).

\pscustom and \psbezier
to get a filled area colored, use always the first \psbezier curve with four and following ones with with three arguments!
bezier0.png nezier1.png

Building a path
		\CW % (2,2)(3,4)(4,1)(4,-3)
		\reversepath % now (4,-3)(4,1)(3,4)(2,2)
		\scale{-1 1}
		\CW % (-2,2)(-3,4)(-4,1)(-4,-3)
		\closepath % clockwise path
		% \pscircle moves the current path to (-1,0)
		\pscircle(0,0){1}% clockwise: circle not filled (scale -1 1)!!
	}% The inner of the circle is _not_ inside the path

Filled polygons
line12.png polygon0.png line13.png
line1 line16

line1.png line1.png line1.png
line1.png line1.png

Curves around Nodes Variable line width
curve0.png curve1.png line2.png

Digital Signals Dotted and Dashed Different Width Special double lines
line4.png line2.png line5.png line5.png

with pstricks-add

3D without pst-3d
line11.png line10.png line8.png

line14.png line15.png

Sieve of Erathostenes


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