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Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 00:48:40 CEST 2011

Dear Peter,

Welcome to TeXworks!

This is indeed an English 'writing' group.

There are possibly two sets of paths you might be needing to look into?

(1) MikTeX and, (2) TeXworks?

1. MikTeX:

MiKTeX lets you set paths for your own packages you may have written
or related LaTeX  instruction files you wish to incorporate yourself,
in "MiKTeX Options", and in that utility there is a tab for "Roots".
You can place your own packages under a directory like "Local TeX
Files" and register it in the "Roots" tab.
Such files will be available when TeXworks then shells out to/for
MiKTeX to take over the processing of a document when you Typeset say
with "pdflatex" for example. (Use the MiKTeX manual as described below
for detailed instructions.)

You can bring the "MiKTeX Options" into view by going to your Window's
(on Xp bottom right) Task Manager and looking for the little blue and
white MiKTeX icon, and right clicking it to reveal a menu. There's
also possibly a menu item under your Program Files on your start
button (I use MiKTeX Portable so do not see that).

Remember if you add any files to MiKTeX yourself, to follow its
procedures for updating its awareness of things you may have added,
"MiKTeX Options", the first tab "General" has a maintenance panel.

To get the MiKTeX compiled help file to show (with more information on
these paths and other necessary things), open a dos prompt (assuming -
Xp, Start button> Run        then type

cmd <Enter Key>

Then in the Dos box (shell) that opens type  either

      texdoc miktex
      mthelp miktex

There is more information in that manual on MiKTeX paths and related topics.

BTW You can also use that command with the names of packages you may
want help for

   mthelp chroma
   mthelp xcolor

... if you have already used them in MiKTeX or have a full MiKTeX
installation already.

2. TeXworks:

If your original MiKTeX installation went according to plan, TeXworks
should be able to auto detect the needed paths for running pdflatex
etc, unless you did a manual installation of MiKTeX Portable.

(In which case you'd need to set those paths in TeXworks directly.
You'd need to explore your MiKTeX installation and locate the bin
directories for MiKTeX which contain files like pdflatex and tell
TeXworks about them) ...

... In any event, TeXworks allows the setting of paths for additional
useful tools that you wish it to utilise for you, under TeXworks Menu>
Edit/ Preferences/ Typesetting.

Under a standard MiKTeX installation, MiKTeX should already appear in
the pool of 'Paths for TeX and related programs' at the top of the
(Typesetting Tab).

On your TeXworks Menu there is also a Tw> Help/"A Short Manual for
TeXworks", which it sounds like you may have found already?

Perhaps have a  look there at Chapter 2 Installation, and on the
TeXworks google code site at this section:

Does this help answer your question? Or was it lost/unclear in translation?


Google Translate: 2011/9/1 Peter Schneider <pwrschneider at netcologne.de>:

I first try it in German, at a pinch I could write English.

My problem is this:

I'm from the Atari Lindner-TeX switched to a PC and I have vorrgestern
MikTex downloaded and installed. It runs, and very quickly too.

But where can I find the settings in terms of paths? Currently writing
with the installation of the help files, etc. to my sources. I would
like to change, either in a configuration file, be it via environment

Thanks for any help

Peter Schneider


2011/9/1 Peter Schneider <pwrschneider at netcologne.de>:
> Hallo,
> ich vesuche es erstmal auf Deutsch, zur Not könnte ich auch Englisch
> schreiben.
> Mein Problem ist folgendes:
> Ich bin vom Atari mit Lindner-TeX auf einen PC umgestiegen und habe mir
> vorrgestern MikTex runtergeladen und installiert. Es läuft, und das sehr
> schnell.
> Aber wo finde ich die Einstellungen, was die Pfade angeht? Momentan schreibt
> mit die Installation die Hilfedateien etc. zu meinen Quellen. Das würde ic
> hgerne ändern, sei es per Konfigurationsdatei, sei es per
> Environment-Variablen.
> Danke für jede Hilfe
> Peter Schneider
> ----- configuration info -----
> TeXworks version : 0.4.3r857 (MiKTeX 2.9 64-bit)
> Install location : D:/tex/miktex/bin/x64/miktex-texworks.exe
> Library path     : C:/Users/Peter/AppData/Local/MiKTeX/2.9/TeXworks/0.4\
> pdfTeX location  : D:/tex/miktex/bin/x64/pdftex.exe
> Operating system : Windows Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, 64-bit
> (build 7600)
> Qt4 version      : 4.7.2 (build) / 4.7.2 (runtime)
> ------------------------------

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