[texworks] TeXWorks LaTeX syntax highlighting

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Nov 23 14:27:40 CET 2010

On Mi, 24 Nov 2010, Vafa Khalighi wrote:
> No. anything after \ means just csname and the editor should be smart enough
> to do that

Wrong. Anything with the right *catcode* after \ is a csname, not anything.
Is a space after \ part of the csname? No, normally not, unless you
change the catcode of the space.

> Can you please enlighten me about the relationship between \catcode and
> syntax highlighting of texworks?

Ever heard about how TeX (any TeX engine) reads and tokenize the input?

> That is just a singnatue. by the way, the statement has not got anything to
> do with religion.

Then call it politically, or whatever, it is disturbing, at least to
me. I don't blur out permanently that I am faithful to a good bottle
of Sake, or Nudism, or Abstract Algebra, or whatever. I am not interested
in that.

Best wishes

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