[texworks] TeXWorks LaTeX syntax highlighting

Vafa Khalighi vafakhlgh at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 14:10:54 CET 2010

> Well, anything hopefully not, because otherwise after the first \
> the whole file will be highlighted.

No. anything after \ means just csname and the editor should be smart enough
to do that

> How do you expect TW to guess what your current set of "normal characters"
> is, if you place with \catcode?

Can you please enlighten me about the relationship between \catcode and
syntax highlighting of texworks?

> Please no religious or semi-religous statements on this list, it is a
> technical list, we don't need that.
That is just a singnatue. by the way, the statement has not got anything to
do with religion.

I prefer the most bloodcurdling death to living with humility. The only
country I am faithful to, is IRAN. Do not denigrate my last moments...
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