[texworks] TeXWorks LaTeX syntax highlighting

Vafa Khalighi vafakhlgh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 02:33:07 CET 2010

> Wrong. Anything with the right *catcode* after \ is a csname, not anything.
> Is a space after \ part of the csname? No, normally not, unless you
> change the catcode of the space.

Everyone knows what I am talking about and it makes sense. I do not
understand why you are trying to show off?

 Ever heard about how TeX (any TeX engine) reads and tokenize the input?

Texmaker has no problem highlighting Persian control sequences. See attached
image. It exactly uses what I described before.

> Then call it politically, or whatever, it is disturbing, at least to
> me. I don't blur out permanently that I am faithful to a good bottle
> of Sake, or Nudism, or Abstract Algebra, or whatever. I am not interested
> in that.

Your signature is disturbing to me too. Will you delete yours?

I prefer the most bloodcurdling death to living with humiliation. The only
country I am faithful to, is IRAN. Do not denigrate my last moments...
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