[texhax] Executing a script with \href{run:script.sh}

James Quirk jjq at galcit.caltech.edu
Tue Oct 19 15:33:12 CEST 2010

On Tue, 19 Oct 2010, Uwe Lueck wrote:

> "Henrik Frisk" <frisk.h at gmail.com>, 04.10.2010 10:47:35
> > Hi Steve, and sorry for my slow response on this... This was very
> > valuable information, thanks a lot! Let's hope that embedding videos
> > in PDFs will soon be possible with less trouble.
> Have you noticed
>     http://ctan.org/pkg/rmannot
>     http://ctan.org/pkg/yt4pdf
> ? Do they help? (I don't want to try myself.)
I should point out that Linux Adobe Reader (AR) has severe problems with 
the the playing of YouTube videos. Specifically, changing pages while a 
video is running can cause AR9.x to freeze and even crash. This year I've 
unearthed three AR vulnerabilites, acknowledged by Adobe, with more in the 
pipeline. I stumbled across them all in the process of exploring how 
/RichMedia annotations might be used to add computational rigour to a 
scientific document.

Unforuntately with the release of Linux AR9.4 Adobe have broken the 
SWF/JavaScript bridge thereby crippling some of the more interesting 
possibilities. The problem will doubtless be fixed in the fullnes of time, 
nevertheless it's clear that the /RichMedia technology has not yet bedded 

As regards to portability, it should be noted that Linux AR is
stuck with FlashPlayer (FP) 9 whereas Windows and OSX ARs use FP10.
It should also be noted that the FP within AR has security
features, over and above the standard FP. For instance, SWF shared objects
are not allowed. Thus one has to be careful when leveraging off
third-party SWFs, because they may use features which are not
available in AR's FP.  

Leaving all that aside, I would however urge you to explore
the exciting document possibilities afforded by /RichMedia


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