[protext] TeXnicCenter Output Profiles

Michael Zylla michael.zylla at gmx.de
Fri Oct 16 16:24:18 CEST 2009


i'm new to ProTeXt and although i'm working with it for only some days i'm really happy with it. But now i have a suggestion and a questions. At first the suggestion:

After installing MiKTeX, TeXnicCenter, Ghostscript and GSView in this order (like it's recommended in the installation guide), i only found the following output formats in TeXnicCenter:

LaTeX=>DVI	(opened with Yap)
LaTeX=>PDF	(opened with Acrobat)
LaTeX=>PS	(opened with Distiller and after that with Acrobat)

I wondered why i had installed Ghostscript and GSView because it wasn't used. So i decided to uninstall TeXnicCenter and reinstall it. After that i had the following output formats:

LaTeX=>DVI	(opened with Yap)
LaTeX=>PDF	(opened with Acrobat)
LaTeX=>PS	(opened with GSView)
LaTeX=>PS=>PDF	(opened with Acrobat)

So i installed everything in the order MikTeX, Ghostscript, GSView and at last TeXnicCenter. Wouldn't this be more reasonable or am i making a mistake?

These different output formats now lead me to my question:

If i'm right, i can create a PDf document in the following ways:

LaTeX=>PS and use the Distiller after that

How do these three options vary in their kind of creation? And which one leads to the best result for a printed document? Or are there maybe yet another/better ways for a creation?

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