TeX Live implementation documentation

The core TeX Live infrastructure is written in Perl. This page links to the documentation for the implementation modules. For user-level documentation and more, see the main TL documentation page.

TeXLive::TLConfFile   TeX Live generic configuration files   source
TeXLive::TLConfig   TeX Live configuration parameters   source
TeXLive::TLCrypto   TeX Live checksums and cryptographic signatures   source
TeXLive::TLDownload   TeX Live persistent downloads via LWP   source
TeXLive::TLPDB   TeX Live Package Database (texlive.tlpdb) module   source
TeXLive::TLPOBJ   TeX Live Package Object (.tlpobj) module   source
TeXLive::TLPSRC   TeX Live Package Source (.tlpsrc) module   source
TeXLive::TLPaper   TeX Live paper size module   source
TeXLive::TLTREE   TeX Live tree of all files   source
TeXLive::TLUtils   TeX Live infrastructure miscellany   source
TeXLive::TLWinGoo   TeX Live Windows-specific support   source
TeXLive::TeXCatalogue   TeX Live access to the TeX Catalogue from CTAN   source

In principle, everything is subject to change; we don't promise any particular behavior will stay the same forever. In practice, however, the interfaces have been stable for years, and we have no plans to change the basic structure of the code.

Unfortunately, a couple modules have no documentation, and there is no overall documentation of how to use the code here. You can look at tlmgr, install-tl, and the various helper scripts in Master/tlpkg/bin for examples.

We have even less intention of changing the format of the plain text texlive.tlpdb file. It is more or less self-explanatory, and it's not particularly difficult to write your own code to parse it. Happy hacking.

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