TeX Live documentation

After you obtain the TeX Live distribution, please read the main documentation for TeX Live, which includes installation instructions for Unix and Windows. For MacOSX, we recommend installing MacTeX, which contains all of TeX Live (and more).

The TeX Live guide is available in several languages and formats (some translations may not be current):

If you don't care to read documentation, and just want to install everything, try this quick Unix install recipe, and/or installation for Windows, and/or MacTeX for MacOSX.

Separate pages describe installing/updating packages after the original installation and contributing new packages. Another page describes highlights of changes in this release.

Additional manuals

Components of TeX Live: TL installer (install-tl) - TL manager (tlmgr) - fmtutil - updmap.

Links to additional information and documentation for some of the basic components of the TeX system:
web2c - tds - pdftex - kpathsea - dvips.

TeX Live includes all the documentation provided by individual package and program authors, mostly in the texmf*/doc subdirectories, linked in the top-level doc.html file.

For developers: building TL (pdf), Perl modules.

Supported systems

If you can help by providing binaries for systems not listed here, please see the TeX Live build information. Binaries for the following systems are included in this year's release:

aarch64-linux GNU/Linux on ARM64
amd64-freebsd x86_64 with FreeBSD
amd64-netbsd x86_64 with NetBSD
armhf-linux GNU/Linux on ARMv6/RPi
i386-freebsd Intel x86 with FreeBSD
i386-linux Intel x86 with GNU/Linux
i386-netbsd Intel x86 with NetBSD
i386-solaris Intel x86 with Solaris
universal-darwin x86_64/ARM with MacOSX/Darwin current
windows Windows (64-bit)
x86_64-cygwin x86_64 with Cygwin
x86_64-darwinlegacy x86_64 with MacOSX legacy (10.6-10.9)
x86_64-linux x86_64 with GNU/Linux
x86_64-linuxmusl x86_64 with GNU/Linux with musl
x86_64-solaris x86_64 with Solaris

Translations for install-tl and tlmgr

The messages in the TeX Live installer and TeX Live Manager are available in various languages (when running in GUI mode only; we want to keep text mode as simple as possible). If your language is not available and you want to help by providing a translation, or if you want to review the existing translations:

Please send new files, bug reports, suggestions, and any other discussion of the translations (of both the manuals and the strings) to tldoc@tug.org.

Volunteer translators

Many people have contributed to the translations over the years. Here is a list of languages and their respective current maintainers; additional help is always welcome, so please send patches and bug reports as needed. And volunteers for other languages are most welcome.

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