Lucida® Type 1 fonts

The Lucida® font set available in Type 1 format from TUG contains the roman Lucida Bright (with small caps), Lucida Typewriter (both sans and roman), the extra-heavy Lucida Fax, blackletter, calligraphic, and casual variations, and the Lucida mathematical fonts. (A somewhat larger set of Lucida fonts is available in OpenType format.)

These are exactly the same fonts previously offered by Y&Y, and a license upgrade for Y&Y users who are TUG members is available. The license offered by TUG has slightly more relaxed terms than Y&Y's; most notably, it allows embedding of the fonts in normal PDF documents. The fonts themselves are unchanged.

Documentation and samples

Sample LaTeX documents using Lucida are available, including examples of the math fonts. The image below shows a few characters from each font.

Our Type 1 font installation instructions are online if you don't have our welcome email handy.

Package documentation for lucidabr (plain text notes on options) and detailed documentation (PDF, with symbol lists and code).

Ordering and availability

To order, please use this online order form for the Lucida fonts, and thanks for supporting TUG.

In addition, if you already have the Type 1 font files, the current releases of all support files (TeX metrics and LaTeX package) are available from CTAN.

Lucida Type 1 font list

lbr	LucidaBright
lbi	LucidaBright-Italic
lbsl	LucidaBright-Oblique
lbd	LucidaBright-Demi
lbdi	LucidaBright-DemiItalic

lbrsc	LucidaBrightSmallcaps
lbdsc	LucidaBrightSmallcaps-Demi

lstr	LucidaSans-Typewriter
lsto	LucidaSans-TypewriterOblique
lstb	LucidaSans-TypewriterBold
lstbo	LucidaSans-TypewriterBoldOblique

lbtr	LucidaTypewriter
lbto	LucidaTypewriterOblique
lbtb	LucidaTypewriterBold
lbtbo	LucidaTypewriterBoldOblique

lsr	LucidaSans
lsi	LucidaSans-Italic
lsd	LucidaSans-Demi
lsdi	LucidaSans-DemiItalic
lsb	LucidaSans-Bold
lsbi	LucidaSans-BoldItalic

lfr	LucidaFax
lfi	LucidaFax-Italic
lfd	LucidaFax-Demi
lfdi	LucidaFax-DemiItalic

lbl	LucidaBlackletter
lbc	LucidaCalligraphy-Italic
lbh	LucidaHandwriting-Italic

lbkr	LucidaCasual
lbki	LucidaCasual-Italic

lbmr	LucidaNewMath-Roman
lbmd	LucidaNewMath-Demibold
lbmi	LucidaNewMath-Italic
lbmdi	LucidaNewMath-DemiItalic
lbms	LucidaNewMath-Symbol
lbmsd	LucidaNewMath-Symbol-Demi
lbme	LucidaNewMath-Extension

lbmo	LucidaNewMath-AltItalic
lbmdo	LucidaNewMath-AltDemiItalic
lbma	LucidaNewMath-Arrows
lbmad	LucidaNewMath-Arrows-Demi
    showing of Type 1 Lucida fonts

Caveat: If you use Adobe Type Manager (ATM) to install the fonts, you may notice that LucidaSans-TypewriterOblique fails to install properly. In this case, feel free to contact us for replacement fonts. This is only relevant for installs using ATM; normal installations, e.g., for TeX Live, MiKTeX, etc., do not have this problem. (The replacement fonts have the same glyphs, only the font names themselves are different.)

Thanks to Walter Schmidt for creating and updating the TeX font support files for the Type 1 fonts, and PCTeX for sponsoring him and allowing his work to be redistributed.

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