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Tools for creating LaTeX-integrated graphics and animations under GNU/Linux

Francesc Sunol


This paper describes how to easily create graphics and animations that can be included in LaTeX documents. This article discusses three kinds of figures: plots, schematics, and pictures. The tools presented here can quickly generate plots, and are based on simple gnuplot and bash scripts that display the final result on the screen. Ipe is an excellent program to deal with complex figures and schematics, and the animate package is used to make a series of figures change over time to simulate a movie. All the programs used in this article are free software.

Francesc Suñol is a physics Ph.D. student at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, in Barcelona, Spain. Since discovering LaTeX in 2005, he has been using it for composing articles, presentations, posters, and other documents.

You can contact him by sending an email to , or visiting his webpage

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