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LaTeX2e "Linux-like" environment on MacOSX

Vinicius Provenzano


Free and commercial LaTeX implementations for the Mac OS X are available on the internet. If you have always used a Mac, the best starting point is to download and install one of these systems. However if you have always used Linux and now find yourself in front of a brand new Mac OS X machine and have no time to learn new tools from scratch, your best option would be to use your familiar Linux applications on Mac OS X. This paper aims to show you how to install and configure a Linux-like LaTeX environment in the Mac OS X, using Fink, teTeX and Kile.

Vinicius Provenzano was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1975. He graduated in Economics in 2001 and obtained his Masters Degree in Business and Information Technology in 2003. He used LaTeX to write both his monograph and dissertation, using ABNTEX, a LaTeX and BibTex macro set developed to produce documents in conformity with Brazilian standards (NBR14724:2001, NBR6028:1990, NBR6027:1989, NBR6024:1989, NBR6023:2002, NBR10520:2002) on Linux OS. After working in IT security for a few years, he now works in North Africa as ITC coordinator for an Italian company. While he is a Windows user and administrator at work, a former OS/2 fan, and an early adopter of Linux, he is now fascinated by Mac OS X. You may contact Vinicius at Provenzano or at

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