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LaTeXpedia: the future of LaTeX documentation

Lapo Filippo Mori


Software documentation is a very important success factor for open source software because it bolsters its diffusion. People who start learning LaTeX and even intermediate users often complain about LaTeX documentation: it is hard to find an updated, complete and well structured resource. This article evaluates advantages and disadvantages of the different sorts of resources for LaTeX documentation available and proposes a new kind of documentation source: a free-content, web-based encyclopedia, LaTeXpedia.

Lapo is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University, USA. He started using LaTeX in 2003 while working on his B.S. thesis and has been an enthusiastic user since then. He became a member of GuIT (Italian TUG) in 2003 and an administrative member in 2003. He was among the founders of Ars TeXnica in 2006, the first Italian journal on TeX and LaTeX, and has served as an editor since then. You can reach Lapo at

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