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Creating Online Tests with eqExam

D.P. Story


Have you ever wanted a simple way of creating an online test or quiz for your students? This paper describes one approach I have taken that uses a LaTeX-to-PDF workflow. This method may also be used for surveys and other information gathering. For an example of an eqExam online survey see the TeX/LaTeX Online Survey.

[See Professor Story's other article in this issue which describes the TeX/LaTeX survey. -Ed]

D. P. Story is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Akron, Akron, Ohio (USA), and has worked full-time or part-time for Adobe Systems on the Acrobat Engineering Team since 2000. He has been developing mathematical materials for the Web since 1993 using a TeX/LaTeX to PDF workflow. Dr. Story can be contacted at mailto

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