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So, you are running MAC OS X and want to try LaTeX

A. Schremmer


This brief guide explains how to install and use the TeXShop LaTeX system on Mac OS X. If you follow the step-by-step installation instructions you should have the system running in short order. The second part of the article leads the reader through composing and typesetting a first LaTeX document.

Alain Schremmer started teaching at Community College of Philadelphia in 1966 because, for him, coming as he did from the French "elite" system, the idea of "open door" was politically correct. Eventually, the AMATYC* Review inflicted his Notes From The Mathematical Underground for close to ten years on its readership and it is now serializing a "proto-text" Schremmer is developing whose aim is to enable students in need of Arithmetic as they enter college to reach Differential Calculus in a finite amount of time. He will soon make it downloadable under a GPL and, in fact, this was his reason for learning LaTeX. mailto

*American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.

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