[Xy-pic] troubles with xypic on ubuntu 10.10

Vlad Patryshev vpatryshev at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 21:39:24 CET 2010


(Sorry for the dumb mundane question, spent days, could not find the

I have ubuntu 10.10, have latex there (texlive); just reinstalled xypic
(3.8.4); still, when I run my simple comand: latex src/myfile.tex, I see "I
can't find file xy l.31 \input xy"

As I understand, xy.tex must satisfy this reference. But it does not.

Any hints? Below is my tex file (which does compile properly with
latex/xypic under cygwin on my windows).


> documentclass[12pt,notitlepage]{article}



 X \ar@/_2pc/[rr]_{f;g} \ar[r]^f &Y \ar[r]^g &Z\\

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