[XeTeX] diacritics stacking using anchor points

Antonis Tsolomitis antonis.tsolomitis at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 08:43:56 CEST 2021

> I also fixed the stacking_above_AND_below. NewCM will have stellar
> support for diacritics stacking 😁

> Which is very useful for languages like Vietnamese.
> A.S.

True but not only. More languages need stacking. Such as Hebrew or even
Greek for academic work.

On 10/25/21 8:59 PM, Michael Maxwell wrote:
> You probably know this, but 'stacked diacritics' refers to the
> stacking of diacritics above each other.  Maybe also to one diacritic
> above and one below the base char, but I've only heard it used for the
> situation where you have two or more diacritics above, or two or more
> below, the base char.  In order to stack correctly in this situation,
> the diacritics themselves need to have two anchors, one above and one
> below.

Yes, of course. The font supports these things in its current state in
my sources.
CTAN version has---I would say---preliminary support since bugs have
been found
and needs fixes for these to work.
Fixes (unless more bugs surface (in which case I will report back here))
will be uploaded
with version 4 which hopefully will include Coptic for Academic (and not
only) use.

Here is x with stacking above and below as shown with okular:



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