[XeTeX] Access swash glyphs in otf fonts

Joël Mouric mouric.volant at orange.fr
Mon May 25 12:28:17 CEST 2020


I have solved my problem. I was using an example of the font in which, for unknown reasons, the required lookups did not exist.
I could see this using Fontforge, font info / lookups.

I have just replaced the example with another one that had the required lookup.

All I had then to do was to add in my. sty file:

\renewcommand{\textsw}[1]{{\fontspec[BoldFont={MinionPro-SemiboldIt}, ItalicFont={MinionPro-It}, BoldItalicFont={MinionPro-SemiboldIt}, Style=Swash]{MinionPro-It}{#1}}}%

The typeset is now correct: 

\textsw{\textbf{Ode to Autumn, by Keats}}

\textsw{Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,}\\
\textsw{Close bosom friend of the maturing sun…}

So, there wasn’t any issue with fonstpec nor with texlive 2020.

All best,


Joël Mouric
mouric.volant at orange.fr

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