[XeTeX] macro-problem

Herman Grootaers herman at grootaers-nl.com
Tue May 12 17:15:14 CEST 2020

On 05-05-20 08:34, Herman Grootaers wrote:
> I am flabbergasted with this macro I am setting up. I must miss 
> something from reading the documentation.
> It is a part of a macro that is much longer, only a conditional 
> partially printing of a header, indexing on a parameter and 
> color-formatting - just the nice things to do in a macro - , but this 
> misbehaves on the typesetting of the main event of the macro.
> The output is one page long, there are a number of underfull 
> verticals, which are resolved in the final version with all bells and 
> whistles.
> I hope someone can help me with this strange behaviour.
> Thanks,
> Herman Grootaers
> P.S. Please reply to the channel, I do not like it when someone finds 
> only the question but not the answer.
Well, I did not find out what went wrong, but changing the call to 
lettrine with a default parameter did the trick I was looking for:

\newcommand{\BLAPRNT}[3][4]{\lettrine[lines=#1]{#2}{}#3} in the preamble;

\blaprint{I}{\blatext} in the main body or

\blaprint[2]{I}{\blatext} to change the default number of used lines to 
2 or the used parameter.

It took me a week to dig through google to get the result I wanted. And 
also I sometime have to remind that LaTeX sometimes forgets that the 
\parshape should be 0 as it sometimes keeps holding the lettrine space 
in memory.


Herman Grootaers

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