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Hi Philip.

On 20 Jun 2020, at 12:08 am, Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk<mailto:P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk>> wrote:

XeTeX does what is expected if one uses \special {background cmyk 0.83 0.82 0.21 0.60} and ships out pages in the normal way; however, if \shipout is invoked directly, the shipped out boxes have a transparent ground.  How should the background colour of boxes which will be shipped out directly be specified ?

You need to understand that “background color” is *not* a basic concept in the PDF graphics model.

see the discussion at this link (and elsewhere), as shown in the image below:

[cid:8D687DCD-17E3-40C4-BA77-20DB94113AEF at telstra.com.au]

To get it, you need to draw and fill a coloured rectangle of the desired size,
placing it early on the page, or in a layer beneath the main content.

You can use  \vrule  or  \hrule  preceded by a colour  \special  to get this rectangle.

Setting it for use on every page is done in LaTeX, using the  everyshi  package,
to put objects into a box that is accessed during the  \output  routine,
being placed into  \box255  early, but occupying 0 typeset size.
Then the (foreground) contents are copied in (perhaps using \unvbox ?) over the top
of whatever is already there.

With plain XeTeX, the  \special{background … } presumably does something similar,
for use at a particular internal stage of the page-building process.
Presumably it is done by  dvipdfmx , and is not directly applicable to  \shipout .

But if you are going to bypass all that and  \shipout  your own boxes, then you will
have to implement the effect for your own usage – it cannot be expected to come for free.

1. create your coloured (background) rectangle (of the desired size) within a box.
2. set the box’s dimensions to 0 in both width and height+depth.
3. inside a new  \vbox  copy in the background first, then \box  (or \unbox ) the real contents.
4.  \shipout  this newly populated \vbox .

Fill in all the details, to ensure that everything is placed correctly for your needs.

Philip Taylor

Hope this helps.
Stay safe.


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