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pá 3. 7. 2020 v 20:18 odesílatel Michael Maxwell <mmaxwell at umd.edu> napsal:

> I've noticed (and you probably have too) that a good proportion--maybe
> half, for a 30 or so page document--of the runtime for a xelatex
> document is startup: reading the style files.  Since I re-use the same
> style files for most papers, I seldom have a mistake in those, so it
> seems a waste to re-run them every time I want a PDF of a new version of
> my doc (or every time xetex finds a mistake in my doc).  Is there no way
> to save the results of loading that, so that it could be re-loaded more
> quickly next time?
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There are several options:

1. Dump your own format with your styles. You will have to regenerate the
format after update of any of these style files and you will have to take
care of dependencies

2. Install TeX on a fast disk such as SSD

3. Increase your RAM and use larger disk cache, on my Linux computers the
unchanged files can remain in cache for hours

Zdeněk Wagner
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