[XeTeX] startup time

Michael Maxwell mmaxwell at umd.edu
Fri Jul 3 20:16:47 CEST 2020

I've noticed (and you probably have too) that a good proportion--maybe 
half, for a 30 or so page document--of the runtime for a xelatex 
document is startup: reading the style files.  Since I re-use the same 
style files for most papers, I seldom have a mistake in those, so it 
seems a waste to re-run them every time I want a PDF of a new version of 
my doc (or every time xetex finds a mistake in my doc).  Is there no way 
to save the results of loading that, so that it could be re-loaded more 
quickly next time?
     Mike Maxwell
     "I may not remember, but I never forget."
     --Social Crimes, Jane Stanton Hitchcock

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