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Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 10:33:33 CET 2018


it seems to be a problem in TikZ. Anyway, if you just want vertical lines,
you need no package at all. you can do it just by \vrule in your footer:

\makeatletter % allow @ in the macro names
\def\ps at mystyle{% definition of the page style
  \def\@oddhead{\normalfont \normalsize \hfill \thepage}%
  \def\@evenhead{\normalfont \normalsize \thepage \hfill}%
  \def\@oddfoot{\vbox to 0pt{% zero height vertical box
      \hskip -20mm % negative, to make it wider that the text width
      \color{red}\VR \hskip 2pt \VR \hfill \VR \hskip 2pt \VR \hskip -20mm}%
\makeatother % @ no longer allowed

% Define the vertical rule (in order to have the dimensions at one place)
\def\VR{\vrule width 2pt height 200mm depth 0mm}

% Set the page style

If you need more complex graphics, you can use PDF primitives. You can see
this article:
It is written in Czech but you can see what can be done.

I have not tried my solution, I just typed it but I hope I have not made a
mistake. You should only modify the dimensions.

Zdeněk Wagner

2018-02-13 8:51 GMT+01:00 RD Holkar <rohit.d.holkar at gmail.com>:

> Dear all,
> I am typesetting a memoir in Marathi using package Polyglossia. I found
> that the package Background behaves strangely when used with XeLaTeX.
> I am attaching an example in English which is clearly a (La)TeX file (I
> can send the file that uses Polyglossia if needed). I want two vertical
> lines on the left and right side of the page (attachment-
> Background-LaTeX). When I use the package background and run LaTeX, I get
> the desired output. However, when I run XeLaTeX on the same file, I get a
> displaced lines.
> Moreover, I tried to place the lines by trial and error method, but, it
> seems that the distortion is not linear.
> Could some please explain how to use this package to get what I want, or
> some other way to achieve my goal?
> Thank you in advance.
> With best regards,
> -Rohit.
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