[XeTeX] Mixed Roman and Indian alphabets for Sanskrit

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Delighted to hear about the future direction Babel in separating script and
language cleanly.  This is obviously needed for Cyrillic etc.  as you point

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On 15 February 2017 at 11:44, Javier Bezos <listas at tex-tipografia.com>

> So why does Polyglossia make \devanagarifont and \sanskritfont equivalent?
>> There should be no such entity as \sanskritfont.  Sanskrit isn't a font or
>> a script, it's a language.
> Your point makes sense. Next version of babel will include a new
> command which will allow to select a font depending on the script.
> Something like (tentative syntax):
> \usebabelfont[*devanagari]{FontName}
> Currently there are lots of issues in babel because several languages
> compete trying to set an equivalence with a script (eg, \textcyrillic
> may switch to russian, or belarusian, or bulgarian, and so on). These
> selectors are deprecated (including \textlatin), but they are still
> defined and used by some languages.
> Hopefully the new version will sort this out, with a clear separation
> of languages and scripts (but I need to finish the new data files for
> the languages, which has turned out to be more complicated than
> expected).
> Javier
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