[XeTeX] Σχετ: Re: XeTeX bugs in bidirectional typesetting

Apostolos Syropoulos asyropoulos at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 20 10:45:31 CET 2016

>Well, it's not necessarily useless. If both >engines are using the same
>model, then you have twice as many >communities available to fix bugs.
>And it means the bug fixes and bidi expertise >can be shared between the
>two communities. I would also recommend >XeTeX moving to the LuaTeX model
>- and then fixing it

I would recommend against followingthis dangerous path. Once I asked Iasked the luaTeX list how to loadhyphenation patterns and practicallyno one knew the answer! So I thinkyour decision is wise.
PS I think that we should not talkabout luaTeX here. There is a mailinglist where people can ask questionsand... expect answers ������
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