[XeTeX] shrinkability and stretchability of interword space with default monotype font

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Sun Jan 24 16:55:29 CET 2016

Le 24/01/2016 16:49, Philip Taylor a écrit :
> What is "the default monotype font", please ?

sorry about my earlier reply, I am busy with other things

this formulation dates back to my report on fontspec issue tracker

hence "default monotype font" is what got selected by \ttfamily in this MWE:





Without fontspec cmtt10 is selected and no problem,
with fontspec Latin Modern Mono, and there is problem.

As Herbert (and Will on the fontspec github site)
noticed, with fontspec+\setmonofont no problem.

Again, please disregard my earlier message,


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