[XeTeX] shrinkability and stretchability of interword space with default monotype font

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Sun Jan 24 17:10:13 CET 2016

Le 24 janv. 2016 à 16:49, Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk> a écrit :

> What is "the default monotype font", please ?


sorry about the confusion.

I understand now, I made the error four years ago in the title
of my fontspec report. I was meaning to say "monospace". 

And currently I don't know why "monotype" or "teletype" come
to my mind in this context.

Then today I only copied without thinking my earlier formulation,
hence perpetuating the error.

PS to Herbert: please CC to me if you reply as I don't subscribe to the list.

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