[XeTeX] Support request for /Rotate in pdf

Hironobu Yamashita h.y.acetaminophen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 11:26:29 CET 2015

Dear Zdenek,

> There are official guidelines how to insert EPS, I do
> not know whether such guidelines exist for inclusion
> of PDF. If so, the guidelines should be followed.
Yes, I agree. That's the most important thing to be
considered. But unfortunately I don't know where I
could find such guidelines for pdf either.

Dear Philip,

> For a "normal" user, the simplest way to rotate a PDF
> is to open it in Adobe Acrobat, ask the latter to
> "Document / rotate pages", select the appropriate
> options and then save the modified file under a new
> name.
I think so, and many "normal" users behind this list will
agree with you.

And if there are no official guidelines for inclusion of PDF,
one has to "set a standard"; and pdfTeX has already done:
pdfTeX can be regarded as having  determined "how TeX-
related programs should behave when pdf figure inclusion".

Currently pdfTeX and XeTeX behave in different way, which
is confusing. PdfTeX's behavior is easy to understand for
"normal" users, so XeTeX will become more user-friendly
if it follows the pdfTeX "standard".

Another important perspective is the possibility of /Rotate
support. When it comes to supporting /Rotate, there seems
to be a great technical difficulty as Zdenek notes, right?
> the difference is that pdftex does everything in one step,
> xetex prepares a \special for xdvipdfmx. In order to
> implement /Rotate you have to read the page directory ...
Is there any chance for XeTeX and xdvipdfmx to overcome
the difficulty?

Thank you in advance.
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