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> Le 7 mai 2015 à 11:57, Julian Bradfield <jcb+xetex at jcbradfield.org> a écrit :
> On 2015-05-07, Apostolos Syropoulos <asyropoulos at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Well I do not know what Dendrinos says I just happen to know what people do in
>> typography and in everyday practice. 
> Which is not what the Unicode uppercase mapping is for. The uppercase
> mapping in the data file gives a default mapping, which is appropriate
> in the absence of any language specific behaviour (although some
> special cases of Greek are built in, particularly the behaviour of
> iota subscript and adscript).
> Case-conversion algorithms may use additional data appropriate to the
> language and environment.
> Many languages have conventions that diacritics may be omitted when
> writing in all capitals.  For example, in French, it is quite common
> to omit accents, or to omit accents unless confusion would occur.

As common as it may be, it’s still considered incorrect by many people including me, l’Académie française <http://www.academie-francaise.fr/la-langue-francaise/questions-de-langue#5_strong-em-accentuation-des-majuscules-em-strong> and l’Imprimerie nationale.

>>> The only mark that remains when making all capitals is the dieredis
>>> (dialytika). All other vanish. This is common knowledge for people who
> This is a different matter again. Conventions for all-capital writing
> may well be different from conventions for casing in mixed-case text,
> and in many languages diacritics are freely omitted in all-capital
> text -- Unicode specifically observes that accents are often omitted
> from Modern Greek all-capital text. This is something that needs to be
> handled by the functions that do the conversion; it's not something to
> be done by the basic uppercase mapping.
> As it happens, the breathings and accents of polytonic Greek were
> introduced into the script *before* it developed an upper/lower-case
> distinction.
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