[XeTeX] conformance (was: color=FFFFFF...)

Mike Maxwell maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu
Sun Mar 29 19:46:54 CEST 2015

On 3/29/2015 1:26 PM, Philip Taylor wrote:
> Zdenek Wagner wrote:
>> Professional Acrobat contains Prepress Tools that can verify PDF and fix
>> quite a lot of problems. It costs money but a damaged book may cost even
>> more. And there is also a PitStop plugin that may be useful. Many print
>> houses have it and complain if the supplied PDF does not conform to PDF/X.
> Yes, well ...  I do have a licenced copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro, and it tells me
> that the PDF output from XeTeX is seriously PDF/X deficient ...

I suppose I should worry about this--or actually, since I'm interested in 
producing archival PDFs of linguistic documents, I should worry about PDF/A. 
The wikipedia article about PDF/A (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF/A) has a 
section about "establishing conformance," but there are no links to such tools. 
  There is a list here:
But those appear to all be commercial tools (although the one at 
http://www.intarsys.de/en/prod/pdfa-live may be good enough for our needs).  And 
a rather old GitHub project to do validation here:
A rather long discussion here (despite its having been declared out-of-scope!):

It would be nice if xdvipdfmx had a switch to produce PDF/A (and maybe PDF/X) 
conformant documents.  I don't know how easy that would be; there seem to be a 
lot of considerations.
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