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Nathan Sidoli nathan.sidoli at utoronto.ca
Sat Jun 13 13:26:30 CEST 2015

Dear Dominik,

Do you have any opinion on Junicode or Latin Modern for transliteration 
from Indic languages?



On 6/13/15 6:21 PM, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:
> Dear Juergen,
> Nice to see you here (I just read your 2011 I. Taurinensia paper last 
> night!).
> Yes, you are right, some fonts just don't have the right characters in 
> them. Some of the font "pigeonholes" are empty.  If you make the 
> character with a TeX macro (\.n) then usually things work even if the 
> font lacks the char, because TeX puts together an accent from one 
> place with the character from another.  If the overdot accent char is 
> missing, then even TeX can't fix things.
> I use the following at the start of my docs:
> % XeLaTeX stuff:
> % Normalize any residual Unicode combining accents,
> % and write out error messages, if any:
> %
> \XeTeXinputnormalization=1
> \tracinglostchars=1
> \tracingonline=1
> You can read up on what these do, but especially the \tracinglostchars 
> is helpful so that missing chars are flagged in the log file.
> And for complete fonts, I find the SIL fonts, like Gentium, the 
> TeXGyre family, and the Brill font 
> <http://www.brill.com/about/brill-fonts> (that is free to use but not 
> for publishing with others than Brill without permission), are all 
> complete for Indic work. Oh, and also John Smith's fonts, at 
> http://Bombay.indology.info. DejaVu fonts are also very complete.  I'm 
> sure there are many others: these are just my personal practical 
> observations without a systematic survey or testing.
> Yesterday, Alessandro Graheli was telling me that the Murty Library 
> fonts <http://www.murtylibrary.com/design-and-typography.php> are 
> excellent; especially he praised their Devanagari, that is explicitly 
> modelled on the Nirnayasagara family.  Fiona Ross was involved in 
> making the Murty fonts, and she is extremely experienced and 
> knowledgeable about Indian fonts. The Murty fonts are like the Brill, 
> you can use them freely, but if you want to publish a book with them, 
> you have to ask permission.
> Best,
> Dominik
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