[XeTeX] Media9 buttons in RTL text

Karljurgen Feuerherm kfeuerherm at wlu.ca
Fri Apr 24 21:15:22 CEST 2015

Thanks for this explanation. When I was using the kludge solution and it broke last October, Vafa suggested that this problem might be corrected by TL2015 but I've been struggling to figure out how to follow up on that. Now I don't have to!

I had been monitoring the back-and-forth with Khaled's changes but I had not connected those to this issue (nor understood all the technical details).

I am grateful for this clean solution, as it enables me to stick with an engine I understand and have a big investment in. Thanks again.


From: David Carlisle <d.p.carlisle at gmail.com<mailto:d.p.carlisle at gmail.com>>On 24 April 2015 at 18:35, Karljurgen Feuerherm <kfeuerherm at wlu.ca<mailto:kfeuerherm at wlu.ca>> wrote:
I tried all kinds of variations (including \texthebrew{} in the button labels), but not this!

I guess the \textenglish{} wrappers keep things tidy, somehow?

Thanks so much.


Yes the problem is that the underlying \beginL \beginR direction primitives re-order the \specials
 as well the text direction so the specials to end the pdf form object ends up before the
 ones starting  them and things go wrong. So \textenglish used as a convenient way to get back
to Left-to-right so the \special's are not re-ordered and then you need to nest \texthebrew
again for the text.

Khaled had an experimental build for a while last year attempting to fix this
(I guess it would have fixed this case) but unfortunately it broke other things
and it's been reverted so this workaround is needed.


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