[XeTeX] wrong r+vocalic r ligature in FreeSerif font

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Dec 18 12:08:30 CET 2014

Zdenek Wagner wrote:

> Steve, you have done a lot of work, the Devanagari block is functional
> and the glyphs are beautifull. One of my books was typeset with
> FreeSans and highly educated readers in India like it. Thus I believe
> that the result of your work should be somehow accessible to normal
> users who are unable to build the font themselves from svn.

There is another, almost certainly larger, group of users who would be 
excluded if it were not for the efforts of Norbert, Dominik et al : 
those who, like myself, do not believe that they /should/ have to build 
the font for themselves.  Fonts in the real world do not require 
building; one downloads them, one installs them, one uses them, and that 
is that, just as one downloads, installs and uses XeTeX.  There is no 
reason at all why the Freefont family should diverge from this 
ubiquitous and near-universal model.

Philip Taylor

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