[XeTeX] Fontspec Optical Size support for new OS/2 table spec

Andy Lin kiryen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 06:35:20 CET 2013

There's a new font, Sitka, being released with Windows 8.1, which supports
optical sizing, but not in the standard OpenType way (that would be too
easy). Instead, they've decided to add two new fields to the OS/2 table
(see here:

Technical grumbling aside, the font itself is quite nice, looking like a
book version of Cambria (similar to how Kepler is like a book version of

Only problem is, fontspec doesn't (yet) support the new OS/2 table format.
So I've tried terrible, hack-y things to get it to work, such as nesting
SizeFeatures within BoldFeatures, and vice versa. For example, the
following code yields the correct upright font for the size, but with the
default-sized bold/italic:


{Size={-9.7},Font={* Small},BoldFont={* Small Bold},ItalicFont={* Small
Italic},BoldItalicFont={* Small Bold Italic}},

{Size={9.7-13.5},Font={* Text},BoldFont={* Text Bold},ItalicFont={* Text
Italic},BoldItalicFont={* Text Bold Italic}},

{Size={13.5-18.5}, Font={* Subheading}, BoldFont={* Subheading
Bold},ItalicFont={* Subheading Italic},BoldItalicFont={* Subheading Bold

{Size={18.5-23.5}, Font={* Heading}, BoldFont={* Heading
Bold},ItalicFont={* Heading Italic},BoldItalicFont={* Heading Bold Italic}},

{Size={23.5-27.5}, Font={* Display}, BoldFont={* Display
Bold},ItalicFont={* Display Italic},BoldItalicFont={* Display Bold Italic}},

{Size={27.5-}, Font={* Banner}, BoldFont={* Banner Bold},ItalicFont={*
Banner Italic},BoldItalicFont={* Banner Bold Italic}}%


While other combinations result in no effect at all.

Anyone have any experience with specifying bold/italic fonts with optical

Thank you!

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