[XeTeX] Malayalam typesetting using XeLaTeX

NMPOST7 nmpost7 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 00:57:21 CET 2013

On 14/11/2013 00:45, Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> 2013/11/14 NMPOST7 <nmpost7 at gmail.com>:
>> On 14/11/2013 00:33, Zdenek Wagner wrote:
>>> Is this right? I do not know malayalam.
>> Apologies! I did not mean that, I meant that I did not think about using the
>> numerals directly in the document! Did not mean to cause a misunderstanding!
>> I shall have a look at the attachments
> Never mind. Arthur Reutenauer hopefully reads this list. If you prove
> correctness, he will add it to polyglossia. It was a matter of a few
> seconds for me.
> You can look at this sample:
> http://icebearsoft.euweb.cz/ArunakashKaRasta/ (page available in
> Czech, Hindi and in brief in English)
> Using the described trick I can typeset a bilingual document with even
> pages in Hindi and odd pages in Czech. The Hindi pages have
> automatically Devanagari numerals both as page numbers and in the
> table of contents.

What a pleasant surprise! A poet :) Thank you for that link. I shall soon be
using Devanagari for typesetting Sanskrit documents. So if I have questions, I
know with whom I can get in touch :)


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