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Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Nov 4 10:06:53 CET 2013

Philip Taylor wrote:

> No no !  The OED says "< French m'aidez or m'aider ‘help me!’".
> "French", in OED-speak, is Modern French; "OF" is how it denotes
> Old French.

Well, I might be wrong.  The 2001 revision lists the following
French-related languages :

> French
>     Walloon
>     Picard
>     Norman
>     Canadian French
>     Law French
> Occitan
> Franco-Provençal

The 1989 entry read :

> Also Mayday, mayday. [Phonetic repr. of F. m'aider imper. inf. ‘help me!’, or shortening of venez m'aider.]

My 1933 printed edition (13 vol) has no entry but the gloss
at the front gives "OF, OFr" for "Old French", even in the

Surely it is not possible that in the current (2001) edition, the
distinction between Old French and French has been lost in
the etymologies ?????

** Phil.

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