[XeTeX] M'aidez, SVP : ** WARNING ** Version of PDF file (1.6) is newer than version limit specification.

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Nov 3 12:09:32 CET 2013

Philip Taylor wrote (in part) :

> Dvipdfmx.cfg has been amended to read (in part) :
> V  7
> yet the error persists. How may I eliminate this annoying
> error message, please (I do not wish to regenerate or amend
> the included file) ?

Erratum.  There was a second copy of Dvipdfmx.cfg in TeXMF-Local,
which was trumping the version in TexMF-Dist. Unfortunately,
modifying this versions leads not to a warning but to an
error, and nothing is included :

** WARNING ** Streams with DecodeParams not supported.
** WARNING ** Cannot parse cross-reference stream.
** WARNING ** Error while parsing PDF file.
** WARNING ** pdf: image inclusion failed for "./MS-1214.pdf".

As above, "m'aidez, SVP".

Philip Taylor

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