[XeTeX] Bug or design flaw in Polyglossia 2012/04/29 v1.2.1

Ian-Mathew Hornburg imhornburg at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 23:13:00 CET 2013

2013/3/30 Herbert Schulz <herbs at wideopenwest.com>:
> Strangely enough, I just downloaded and installed Rachana.ttf (Font Book gives the version as Rachana:05;Revision:0.100) and I get the missing information.

Heya, Herb. I’ve got the same version, and mine’s displaying those
numbers and punctuation fine with the OpenType shaper. The font
definitely contains those glyphs. Have you tried removing any language
specification or other things beyond the Script feature from the
fontspec definition?

And’re you using OpenType or AAT rendering? FontForge seems to suggest
Rachana’s got both tables. Don’t have access to a Mac here, though.

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