[XeTeX] XeTeX alternate letter selection problem with Mercury Script font

Cherubinetto Landolfino cristiano.fontana at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 14:08:17 CET 2013

Dear All,

I just bought a license for Mercury Script (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/fenotype/mercury-script/) and I would like to use it with XeTeX.
Looking at the font with otfinfo it identifies some features:

	$ otfinfo -f MercuryScript_Regular.otf
		calt	Contextual Alternates
		kern	Kerning
		liga	Standard Ligatures
		lnum	Lining Figures
		salt	Stylistic Alternates
		smcp	Small Capitals
		swsh	Swash

While looking with fontforge there are also some more variants for few letters: Stylistic Sets ss1, ss2, ss3, ss4
If I try to select those variants it selects only the Small Caps feature and it ignores all the others.

	\newcommand{\Font}{Mercury Script Regular}
	\newcommand{\Stringa}{Lorem ipsum}

	Plain: {\fontspec{\Font}\Stringa}

	Stylistic Alternate: {\fontspec[Style=Alternate]{\Font}\Stringa}

	Swash: {\fontspec[Style={Swash}]{\Font}\Stringa}

	Small Caps: {\fontspec[Letters=SmallCaps]{\Font}\Stringa}

	Contextuals Alternate: {\fontspec[Contextuals=Alternate]{\Font}\Stringa}

I even tried with the RawFeature option.

	Swash: {\fontspec[RawFeature=+swsh]{\Font}\Stringa}\\
	Stylistic set 1: {\fontspec[RawFeature={+ss1}]{\Font}\Stringa}\\
	Stylistic set 2: {\fontspec[RawFeature={+ss2}]{\Font}\Stringa}\\
	Stylistic set 3: {\fontspec[RawFeature={+ss3}]{\Font}\Stringa}\\
	Stylistic set 4: {\fontspec[RawFeature={+ss4}]{\Font}\Stringa}\\

I actually noticed that for all the letters it selects the Contextual Alternate (but not for the Small Caps) and I think that it has some problems with the kerning. If I use the font with Inkscape it works just fine, but inkscape is not able to select OTF features. As a matter of facts I tried LuaTeX, with the very same tex source, and it works almost perfectly (it is only unable to select the Stylistic Sets).

When I compile with XeLaTeX it gives the warnings:
** WARNING ** Unable to read OpenType/TrueType Unicode cmap table.
** WARNING ** Failed to load ToUnicode CMap for font "MercuryScriptLight"

Thank you

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