[XeTeX] Seeking short examples of complex renderings

Simon Cozens simon at simon-cozens.org
Fri Dec 6 11:55:07 CET 2013

Hello XeTeXers,

Sorry for a not-entirely-XeTeX-related request but I think there may be some 
merit in it for XeTeX in the future.

I have recently been toying around implementing my own layout engine, and have 
started to check that it works nicely with non-Roman scripts. This has already 
thrown up a few bugs in pango (which I'm using to do the shaping), and that's 
just with scripts that I can read. I am sure there are other problems in 
scripts I can't read.

So I thought it would be a useful thing for people like 
pango/xetex/graphite/harfbuzz/other layout and rendering tool developers to 
have a visual test suite, a collection of short strings which stress-test 
their engines in interesting ways: placement of composing characters, 
mandatory ligatures, mixed LTR/RTL, that sort of thing.

I have started putting a collection together but my own knowledge and 
experience is pretty limited. If you can contribute some short Unicode strings 
from a language you know which show an interesting rendering feature, I hope 
this will be something that can be beneficial to the text layout community as 
a whole.

The test suite at the moment is at

and you can contribute via github at

(or just send me an email)


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