[XeTeX] arabxetex and transliteration

heer heer at u.washington.edu
Mon Nov 12 23:15:47 CET 2012

Dear Anas Ghrab,

 	Thank you very much for your suggestion for Arabic verses.  I 
will try out your code.  In the meantime I've attached a plain TeX file 
containing Klaus Lagally's original macros for typesetting Arabic verses. 
They were included in his verses.sty macro in later versions of ArabTeX. 
It would be very nice to be able to use his verses.sty in ArabXeTeX.

 	And let me say also that I was very impressed with your Ph.D. 
dissertation.  I downloaded it and saved it on a cd.  When I was much 
younger I was fascinated by Middle Eastern music.  I was a great fan of 
Umm Kulthum back in the fifties and sixties.  Is the original .tex file of 
your dissertation available for download?  I'd love to use it as a sample 
of an ArabXeTeX file.  Or maybe you have other ArabXeTeX files you could 
send me as samples.

Sincerely yours,
Nicholas Heer

On Mon, 12 Nov 2012, Anas Ghrab wrote:

> For the verses I put this small code in the header :
> \newdimen\MesraLength % each verse has two mesra'
> \MesraLength=.45\hsize % one may change this to other values
> \newcommand{\vers}[2]{\begin{centering}
> \beginR
> \hbox to \MesraLength{#1}
> \hskip 1.5cm
> %\hfill
> \hbox to \MesraLength{#2}
> \endR
> \vskip 0pt\end{centering}
> }
> By the way, I used ArabXeTeX for writing my PhD (Télécharger la totalité de
> la thèse) which contains an important arabic part, but the best way I found
> now to use arabic is Polyglossia + eledmac. As texts I'm working with now are
> 100% in arabic, the only remaining problem is the bibliography : Biblatex is
> still without an arabic localization...
> Even for a latin-based letters text, I think one doesn't need any
> transcription-code anymore as one can write directly in UTF-8. The
> translitteration codes of ArabTeX et ArabXeTeX were necessary when the use of
> latin encoding was the only way to write translitteration letters.
> Yours,
> ---
> Anas Ghrab
> Le Nov 12, 2012 à 1:20 AM, heer a écrit :
>       Now that the subject of ArabXeTeX has come up, I have a question
>       myself.  Is there any way of using the verses.sty macro from
>       Lagally's ArabTeX in ArabXeTeX?  It doesn't seem to be possible
>       to use both the ArabTeX and ArabXeTeX packages in the same file.
>        There are very few Arabic or Persian texts that do not contain
>       any verses at all, so it would be nice to be able to use
>       ArabTeX's verses.sty when using ArabXeTeX.
>       Nicholas Heer
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