[XeTeX] Testing custom hyphenation patterns

Aleksandr Andreev aleksandr.andreev at gmail.com
Wed May 2 21:42:01 CEST 2012

On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 3:14 PM, Nikola Lečić
<nikola.lecic at anthesphoria.net> wrote:

> I'd like to turn your attention to the following project of the Serbian
> Academy of Sciences and Arts:
>  http://www.sanu.ac.rs/Cirilica/Eng.aspx
> and to some related documents:

Thanks for the information.

My understanding is that nothing came of the Belgrade Conference. The
UTC will *not* encode another Cyrillic block just for Church Slavonic.
So you have to use the existing Church Slavonic block. Plus, some of
the characters in the proposed document do not exist. (I have yet to
see an example of a combining superscript many-eyed O.)

The documents are as of 2007, and quite a bit has changed in Unicode
since then. I don't work with early manuscripts like Mr. Baranov and
others, so I can't say anything about Ustav. But in terms of modern
liturgical Slavonic texts as well as printed editions in Poluustav,
they can be handled using the repertoire of Unicode 6.2 and the
additional Variation Sequences that we have proposed and which are
under consideration.

> Besides this, the Institute for the Serbian Language developed
> (non-free) OTF capable CS fonts named Monah and Ustav. Monah/Ustav
> family contains 1920 single characters (6397 with the composite signs).
> I'm surprised that I can't find much evidence of their existence on the
> Internet,

Nikita Simmons mentions Hilandar Ustav on his page:

I've seen a modified version of Hilandar Ustav that works with Unicode
6.0., but I don't know who made it.


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